Thursday, 8 January 2009


We have lots of baby Giant African Land Snails for rehoming. They're only fingernail sized at present (and growing rapidly) but will grow to the size whereby they will sit on your palm. They grow very fast too.

Ours live in plastic toyboxes with holes in the lid and have compost in the base but if you look on ebay for snail stuff, there are many different substrates that people use in theirs.
Snails eat leaves, salad and pretty much what garden snails will eat. We mist ours daily with a plant mister to keep them moist. They also need a cuttlefish bone to maintain a healthy shell.

If you are interested in rehoming some, we recommend this website for information-

We are happy to rehome these free of charge although any donations are always welcome (even if in fruit and veg, lol) Rehomers must be over 16 years old and responsible enough so that if for ANY reason you cannot keep them at any point in their lives, you MUST return them to us in a suitable container which they can live in.

These snails are in Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire. Please email if you are interested in rehoming any.

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