Thursday, 1 January 2009

Rita & Lizzy- our special needs chookies

Today having been oustside with the hens I noticed Lizzy wasn't looking too well again.....she seemed huddled and with mucky feathers under her bum so I brought her in again (and clipped off the mucky bum feathers- the jobs I get!!, lol)
Rita isn't too fond of her and earned herself the nickname of Rita the Beater (after Rita Connors on Prisoner Cell Block H) Well after the initial squabbles where Edward and myself were having to hold Rita back from attacking Lizzy they have settled ok together for the night. Rita is "Top Dog"

Here are a few photo's taken tonight of the pair. We've threatened to get a roasting tin to let Rita sleep in as she really gets in that "oven ready" position when she just falls asleep on the floor.
Anyone who keeps up to date on the blog will know that Rita & Lizzy both have deformed necks either from accident or birth deformity before we got them.
Rita just has a lump on the left side of her neck and Lizzy is a "no neck" although she manages to stretch it more later in the day. We're going to start and add a bit of cod liver oil to their mash.

Rita is the white hen. Lizzy is the brown one. Rita came from the recent Amber-Link rescue. You wouldn't think she was a free ranger if you saw how bald she was when we got her. She then grew spikes but they're now growing lovely tufts out of the ends. enlarge the "oven ready" pic to see.


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