Saturday, 3 January 2009

A few pictures....and the egg count

We're now up to 26 eggs since the 1st Jan so not bad going. Rita laid 2 today- sadly the second one broke as she did it out of the box and it hit the pottery water bowl in the dog crate.
It is planned that she is joining the flock in one of the hen houses tomorrow night, now her feathers are growing thru so well. She will be outside, but separated tomorrow daytime to acclimatise to the temperature then put in the hen house after dark which seems to work for us when introducing anyone new.

Photobucket Olive
Photobucket the porridge munchers

Photobucket Inside the playhouse (before a muck-out, oops)
Photobucket the table "mezzanine", the hens seem to like it.

Photobucket Mini with Newton
Photobucket Chloe with Newton
Photobucket The kids old converted playhouse (Duckingham Palace)
Photobucket The proper hen house (Cluckingham Palace)

Photobucket The kennel (Pekin Palace), formerly the ducklings were in here (before they out grew it) but it will be used for the new bantam(s) instead.

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