Thursday, 15 January 2009

Lizzy's poem

Lizzy was rescued from life on the farm,
Where all she ever faced was cruelty and harm.

Crammed in a cage, laying an egg every day,
When her egg supply lessened, and she didn't always lay,

She was to be sent off to die,
and turned into chicken pie.

But people like Jo save the hens from that strife,
Rescuing them all, and giving them life.

Allowing them to see sunlight and sky,
Sometimes they are tempted to try a short fly.

Lizzy pecks and she scrats,
Enjoys dust baths and all that.

She behaves now as every hen should,
How the hens in the farms wish they all could.

When we first met Lizzy, we didn't think she would last,
Hungry and weak, she was fading fast.

We tapped at the food to encourage her to eat,
to build up her strength and get her back on her feet.

Then we noticed......."Oh flippin' 'eck!"
She seemed to have a lump on her neck

But she's one of the prettiest hens I've seen,
That's why she's called Lizzy- She is OUR Queen.

She lives in the garden with all our chooks,
And we can always spot her special good looks.

Jo is brilliant, saving hens with no fuss,
Rescuing them all to be great pets for us.

May Little Hen Rescue save hens near and far,
And Jo get the recognition for the star that you are!!

© Lyn Ray 2009

"Mummy's parrot"

PS Jo @ LHR has had her hen fencing installed. For anyone wishing to see it, here it is It will also be electrified top and bottom once completed. Fantastic, isn't it?

We had 5 eggs today taking the total this month into the 70's! Phew!

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