Friday, 2 January 2009

The chooks have a mezzanine!

Mark made it from an old table and put a ladder up to it which seems quite effective in the playhouse as there seemed too much wasted space with the height.
The table has gone in there whole and it has a base where chairs used to be stored underneath, the nest boxes have been put there and the two tyres which are used as nest boxes have been placed to the side.
Lyn has promised a photo tomorrow but she's not up to doing much today.
Lizzy and Rita went for a wander outside until Mark accidentally let all the rabble out when taking the table into the hen pen area. Lizzy was fine. Rita just "played dead" she's not right. Mark reckons it's chicken narcolepsy. As soon as he picked her up she was asleep in his arms, yet when she is wandering in the house she looks bright eyed and perky.....just a bit bald. She does fall asleep anywhere though in the position in which you would buy a dead one from the shops!
The ducks and white hens put themselves to bed tonight in the playhouse. I think it's the first time the ducks have taken themselves in at nightfall. The brown hens always take themselves in the smaller hen house. Lyn just wishes they'd spread out a little more and use the playhouse too. Lizzy does but she was confused and snuggled outside next to a straw bale....probably because Lyn had her in the house last night, it confused her.
Hopefully Lyn will be back online tomorrow with pictures and more information and chatter.....reading this blog, I think she talks to herself, lol.

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