Saturday, 10 January 2009

Joe's been in charge today

It was a really sharp frost this morning and never really thawed out all day.

Joe's done all the hard work today.
Defrosted water bottles, mucked the chooks n ducks out (although not as good as I would so I sent him back again) I told him, if he's be happy to sleep there, it's done correctly.
He's chased Rita around scooping her poops up and been an all round good teenager. He's hardly complained at all, except that his back ached but he had a bath to soothe it (he had a bath yesterday too, very strange, maybe there's a girl on the horizon as he's usually aquaphobic)
The family got back around 9.30pm from the children visiting Grandma & Grandad in Nottinghamshire, to be greeted by the collie chorus who heard the car pull up..

5 eggs today although one broke in Joe's hand.

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