Thursday, 30 October 2008

Some of our guinea pig pics

Just a few for now as I lost many on the old computer that I hadn't backed up Click here

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Updated kitten pictures

Click to enlarge photographs.
Will be ready 19th November. Frontlined, Wormed and Microchipped with lifelong ID on the petlog database.
Will be litter trained as best as possible.
£15 donation for each one (to cover treatments/microchip) and to ensure good homes.
Will help raise funding for RoSAH Rescue poultry crate fund to enable us to rescue more ex battery hens.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Help us with funds to purchase poultry crates for ex battery rescue hens.



Our Paypal address is and if you are donating towards hen crates, please say so on the message to us. You can use a donate button on this blog or go directly to and click send money then put our email address, as the recipient.

Any help gratefully received. These hens need the chance of a life!
If you know of anyone who could help us, please pass our email address to them.
IF we receive any donations, we will place a message on the group with our thanks and we will also keep a totalizer so we can see if we ever meet our target.
Our Facebook group, has not so far enabled us to raise any funds but we really need these crates to help these hens. We have tried using one of those "paypal badges" applications but what a pain the bum that was :-)

We hope you, or someone you know can help us with either funding OR the actual crates (you never know)

Thanks on behalf of all the animals
Lyn @ RoSAH


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Next Hen Rescue 15th November

Hen re-homers have a rescue on the weekend of 15th November.

Please contact for an
application form for their rehoming list.


Christmas time flies!

Had to separate Madge today

Madge the Mohican hen, aka Madame Bossy Boots Desborough was picking on the others again today so she was separated and spent the day in a bunny pen on her own whilst the others free ranged in her view.
I'm fed up with her picking on the others. Hylda is the smallest and knows she's bottom of the pecking order and hardly eats- yesterday I sat with Madge on my lap and let Hylda have a feast without fear of being sent packing.
At bedtime, Hubby put Madge back in the hen house with everyone else and she was rather quiet and sheepish so we'll see what happens tomorrow because at this rate Honey & Fifi's feather will never grow back.
The ducklings also grew another inch in height last night. Every day they're so much bigger. I think all they do all night is grow.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Our ex battery hen video to show how great they are ;-)

EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE SOME! Please see our links below on hen rescues and also on our main website which you can get to by clicking here

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

3 kittens will be available 19th November

3 beautiful kittens will be available for rehoming on the 19th of November when they will be weaned, wormed, Frontlined and microchipped and hopefully litter trained (or partially so)
Due to the cost of the microchipping and other treatments a donation of £15 will be required per kitten.
We have 2 ginger girls and one which is black-ish but not a complete black. Has pretty markings.
A non refundable £10 deposit is required in either cash or paypal.

If you are interested in rehoming a kitten, please contact us at with your name, address and contact number so we can send you a rehoming form.

We are based in South Lincolnshire!

7 eggs from 6 hens today!

Well I can't believe it today.....our hens are laying so well and we've somehow had 7 eggs from 6 hens.
The new hens are settling in well and the pecking order has been established with Madge being the boss (as we expected she would be)
The new girls will probably start to ease off with the egg laying now and use all their energy to become strong and grow new feathers and muscles. Once they're healthy, they will start laying once more.
The ladies experienced free ranging the garden today and loved Scarlet & Madges soil where they dust bathe. The new ladies loved scratting in the soil and we've now given them a sod of turf in their pen so they can continue to play even though they're in the pen.
We've got to strengthen the fence between ours and our neighbours garden as we have new neighbours with 2 terriers who were very interested in getting thru to where the hens were dust bathing today which freaked me out a bit knowing what terriers are like. I ended up putting the hens back in their pen for my peace of mind as the fence was banging from the other side and we could hear the dogs super sniffing and snuffling. The fence is only weak panels so no use for anything really.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

New hens

The new ex battery hen ladies arrived today. Not in bad shape and condition compared to the last ones from the BHWT. These ones were from UK Hen Rehomers and were delivered to within a few miles of us by volunteers Wendy & Spencer.
The ladies are called Hylda, Phoebe, Honey and Fifi and will live with us forever as our pets.
They are not for rehoming BUT if anyone is interested in giving a home to some ex battery hens, please get in touch so we can point you in the right direction.

Thursday, 9 October 2008


If you are able to make a contribution towards the upkeep of the animals, please use this Paypal button and state what you would like your donation to go towards, whether you'd like us to get them a treat of Broccoli, Cucumber, Honeydew Melons or other delicious goodlies or whether it's towards the general food bill.
Any penny is gratefully received. Alternatively we really appreciate the above items and leafy greens etc...directly and can collect in the PE12 area and nearby.
Thankyou so much. We run on a shoestring budget (i.e no funding whatsoever) so anything helps.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Hopefully new hens this weekend

We've received a confirmation email regarding the 4 hens we are taking in this weekend.

We'd love to take more than 4 but can't, so we will continue to publicise the work of the other rescues through our own website and Facebook and help in that way.

We have 4 names lined up (thanks to the family we managed to get a very long list down to a short list then made a final decision). We're having Hylda, Phoebe, Honey and Fifi.
These hens will not be available for rehoming but will be my family's pet egg producers as we never buy "shop eggs" and our 2 hens don't provide enough eggs for the whole family.
The new hens won't be a replacement for Ruby as she was my 1 in a million but I hope they will become friends with Madge and Scarlet.

Photo's to follow at the weekend.

PS We have a page on ex battery hens on our main website- Click here

Our new Air Conditioner has arrived :-)

We are so pleased as our new air conditioner has arrived which means we can keep the animals at a comfortable temperature all year round.
The Air Con unit cost a hefty £90 BUT was reduced from £220 so we got a good deal. If anyone can help us with a donation towards it, please use our PayPal account.

Many Thanks to all for your continued support.
We are sorry if you cannot access our blog, for some reason or another it has been identified as a "spam blog" and has been locked. We're baffled as to why this is. Maybe we willl be enlightened when the block is lifted.

The kittens are growing well. I'll update with photo's when I can. They all have their yes open and although they are still crawling, they are pushing themselves up on their front legs as they get stronger.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Our Ex Battery Hens

These are our ladies (not for rehoming). We adopted them from the Battery Hen Welfare Trust as they'd spent their lives in a battery farm and were due for slaughter.They make great pets with the bonus of laying eggs for you.

We are involved in hen rescue (independently-not through the BHWT) so if you are interested in rehoming some ex batts, please get in touch with us on
We have to work to dates given by the farmers clearing out their hens so you will have to wait for a short while but just think.....your prospective hens are sitting in a battery cage now waiting for the day when they will see sunlight, and grass.

Sunday, 5 October 2008



We urgently need donations of food for the animals this winter. Due to the very bad weather this summer some fund raising events had to be cancelled which has made it very difficult for us to raise enough to feed the animals this winter. On top of that, the credit crunch is making it difficult too.

We urgently need Cat & kitten food, (dry food and tins), Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Gerbil/Hamster food.

Also needed are an ongoing supply of fresh fruit and vegetables, Cat beds, and Cat Litter

If you can help us with any of these items - please contact us urgently. We can arrange collection locally.

AOL are shutting blogs down so we're starting again here

My health is still terrible, in fact it's worse than ever. I only use my crutches around the house because now I'm pretty much wheelchair bound when out and about which drives me crazy. I do have my mobility scooter but somedays I haven't even the strength to lift my arms to control it (so I'm no use for anything then- I just sleep a lot instead) Thank heavens for a brilliant family who help care for me and ALL the animals! I've been feeling a little better yesterday and today so have been busy this afternoon updating the RoSAH website with information and pictures.

The money pot for the animals is empty. The vet bill is huge. The food bill is ongoing and getting bigger as prices go up and animal numbers increase. If ANYONE can donate any animal food (tinned or dry), cat litter, cat beds, fresh fruit and veg it would be much appreciated. We can arrange local collection. Just tell us where you are when making an offer of anything we need.

We have just ordered an air conditioning unit for the guinea pig room which we haven't even thought about how to pay for. Since our last one went on the blink, we couldn't afford a new one and made do with a pedestal fan which is not ideal as any dust in the air is circulated around the room. We have managed to secure a mobile unit for just £90 reduced from £220 which was a deal too good to refuse so we're raiding the penny jar and hoping for donations towards it. If you can help, we'd really appreciate it.

Please see our website. I've put a couple of extra pages on.

We have 6 new arrivals, gorgeous kittens born 24th September (sadly one ginger one has died leaving just 5 kits). All will be microchipped before leaving us around 19th November when they'll be 8 weeks old.