Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Hopefully new hens this weekend

We've received a confirmation email regarding the 4 hens we are taking in this weekend.

We'd love to take more than 4 but can't, so we will continue to publicise the work of the other rescues through our own website and Facebook and help in that way.

We have 4 names lined up (thanks to the family we managed to get a very long list down to a short list then made a final decision). We're having Hylda, Phoebe, Honey and Fifi.
These hens will not be available for rehoming but will be my family's pet egg producers as we never buy "shop eggs" and our 2 hens don't provide enough eggs for the whole family.
The new hens won't be a replacement for Ruby as she was my 1 in a million but I hope they will become friends with Madge and Scarlet.

Photo's to follow at the weekend.

PS We have a page on ex battery hens on our main website- Click here

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