Sunday, 5 October 2008

AOL are shutting blogs down so we're starting again here

My health is still terrible, in fact it's worse than ever. I only use my crutches around the house because now I'm pretty much wheelchair bound when out and about which drives me crazy. I do have my mobility scooter but somedays I haven't even the strength to lift my arms to control it (so I'm no use for anything then- I just sleep a lot instead) Thank heavens for a brilliant family who help care for me and ALL the animals! I've been feeling a little better yesterday and today so have been busy this afternoon updating the RoSAH website with information and pictures.

The money pot for the animals is empty. The vet bill is huge. The food bill is ongoing and getting bigger as prices go up and animal numbers increase. If ANYONE can donate any animal food (tinned or dry), cat litter, cat beds, fresh fruit and veg it would be much appreciated. We can arrange local collection. Just tell us where you are when making an offer of anything we need.

We have just ordered an air conditioning unit for the guinea pig room which we haven't even thought about how to pay for. Since our last one went on the blink, we couldn't afford a new one and made do with a pedestal fan which is not ideal as any dust in the air is circulated around the room. We have managed to secure a mobile unit for just £90 reduced from £220 which was a deal too good to refuse so we're raiding the penny jar and hoping for donations towards it. If you can help, we'd really appreciate it.

Please see our website. I've put a couple of extra pages on.

We have 6 new arrivals, gorgeous kittens born 24th September (sadly one ginger one has died leaving just 5 kits). All will be microchipped before leaving us around 19th November when they'll be 8 weeks old.

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