Tuesday, 14 October 2008

7 eggs from 6 hens today!

Well I can't believe it today.....our hens are laying so well and we've somehow had 7 eggs from 6 hens.
The new hens are settling in well and the pecking order has been established with Madge being the boss (as we expected she would be)
The new girls will probably start to ease off with the egg laying now and use all their energy to become strong and grow new feathers and muscles. Once they're healthy, they will start laying once more.
The ladies experienced free ranging the garden today and loved Scarlet & Madges soil where they dust bathe. The new ladies loved scratting in the soil and we've now given them a sod of turf in their pen so they can continue to play even though they're in the pen.
We've got to strengthen the fence between ours and our neighbours garden as we have new neighbours with 2 terriers who were very interested in getting thru to where the hens were dust bathing today which freaked me out a bit knowing what terriers are like. I ended up putting the hens back in their pen for my peace of mind as the fence was banging from the other side and we could hear the dogs super sniffing and snuffling. The fence is only weak panels so no use for anything really.

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