Sunday, 26 October 2008

Had to separate Madge today

Madge the Mohican hen, aka Madame Bossy Boots Desborough was picking on the others again today so she was separated and spent the day in a bunny pen on her own whilst the others free ranged in her view.
I'm fed up with her picking on the others. Hylda is the smallest and knows she's bottom of the pecking order and hardly eats- yesterday I sat with Madge on my lap and let Hylda have a feast without fear of being sent packing.
At bedtime, Hubby put Madge back in the hen house with everyone else and she was rather quiet and sheepish so we'll see what happens tomorrow because at this rate Honey & Fifi's feather will never grow back.
The ducklings also grew another inch in height last night. Every day they're so much bigger. I think all they do all night is grow.

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