Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Our new Air Conditioner has arrived :-)

We are so pleased as our new air conditioner has arrived which means we can keep the animals at a comfortable temperature all year round.
The Air Con unit cost a hefty £90 BUT was reduced from £220 so we got a good deal. If anyone can help us with a donation towards it, please use our PayPal account.

Many Thanks to all for your continued support.
We are sorry if you cannot access our blog, for some reason or another it has been identified as a "spam blog" and has been locked. We're baffled as to why this is. Maybe we willl be enlightened when the block is lifted.

The kittens are growing well. I'll update with photo's when I can. They all have their yes open and although they are still crawling, they are pushing themselves up on their front legs as they get stronger.


Avery Simek said...

You seem to be very concerned of animals, no? Well, we do have the same passion for animals. :)
Well, then congrats on getting your new air-conditioning! It seems it arrived just in time.

Darryl Iorio said...

I’m pretty sure that the animals were delighted with the new AC and the comfort it brings. How are the kittens? I’m so excited to see their photos now that they are about 4 years older. Do they have their own kittens now?

Milagros Hirai said...

Nice! Now your little animal friends will enjoy a more comfortable temperature from now on. It’s so nice that you care so much about them that you’re willing to buy an AC unit for them. I’m sure they are all very thankful to have such caring individuals taking care of them. More power to your organization!

Naoki Dieter said...

Oh I can’t believe the discounted price! That really saved you a lot, cheers to that! =) Just a friendly reminder here, have your AC unit checked at least, every once in a while. You’re gonna be able to save more money with that as you’ll have an AC unit performing well over its projected lifespan.

Alyssa said...

Nice. It’s good to know that you care so much for your animals, my friend. You really are so sweet. Congratulations on your new air conditioner! I’m sure you and your lovely pets are going to have a cool and relaxing time every day.

Alyssa Flynn

Georgia Fuller said...

Saved by the AC! It's a good thing the conditioner was considerably marked down. I can't imagine those poor little animals getting too hot. Please take good care of them!

Mignon Her said...

You’re so sweet! I also don’t want my dog to suffer from too much heat, especially during summer. So, like you, I make it a point to provide her with proper ventilation. I hope your new AC will last long. Keep that nice attitude towards animals!

-Mignon Her

Darryl Iorio said...

Well, these animals are really lucky to have you! :D Taking small unfortunate animals is one thing but caring for them is different story altogether. I know it’s not easy, but with the love that you have for these animals, I know you enjoy it! :D You make sure that you take good care of your AC unit as well, so that you can it have for a long time!