Monday, 12 January 2009

Just 3 eggs today & no Lyn

First of all, Many Thanks to Chris Breed of Long Sutton-ish who gave us some hay for the animals. The guinea pigs will be very appreciative this evening as I believe Mark has already popped it in for them. We hope you enjoy the fresh eggs!

Lyn was unwell all day today and her get up and go had well and truly gone.
Mark let the hens out in the morning and fed and watered all the other animals including Dolly.
Lyn didn't stir until 3pm and was very unsteady and drained (she really needs to go back to the GP as the MRI scan date hasn't come through yet)

Mini then came home from school and got down to her favourite the hens out and collecting the eggs. She was disappointed that there were only 3 eggs laid today.

Once she had finished that job (that girl LOVES being with the animals) she helped Mark cleaning out the parrot and handled him along with the hand reared cockatiels and the tamest budgie, Geoff (Lyn named him after her hero- strongman & local budgie man, Geoff Capes)

I fully expect Mini will work in a zoo when she is older but she says she wants a farm. She is really looking forward to egg collecting on the next rehoming day for Little Hen Rescue and hopes that her little friend, Jay will be there to help her too.


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