Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Was hoping to make the Pekin run......

I'm so glum. Mark was meant to make the run for Newton, Fenella and Amber at the weekend but with poorly children and not enough daylight, I never got him sent off to get any wood & screws.
Now since then, the RoSAH fund has been spent on all the feed supplies we needed from Bearts so now we can't afford to do it.
Got my old guinea pig multi block in bits as I'm having the doors off it as top opening hinged lids and am doing an extra bit with corrugated roofing on that the food bowls can go underneath.
I just need the flipping framework and have nothing left to dismantle so if anyone has any fence posts or 2x2 or ANYTHING any use to us, please let us know.
I'm getting fed up with Newton hopping over the current temporary fence (made with plastic elec fencing poles and mesh) to be with the ex battery ladies when the Pekin ladies can't/won't hop over as the ex battery hens bully them because they're so tiny.

Amber & Newton
Fenella, Amber & a bit of Newton

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