Sunday, 4 January 2009

Today- just 3 eggs :-(

Rita was going to go outside today to join the flock in the hen house overnight but she's still not 100% and when I put her on the lawn earlier she was shivering. We're going to try tomorrow evening if it's not icy cold. We noticed she had longer feathers this morning so she's quickly getting a full coverage but I do worry about her especially as she sleeps so much and just nods off wherever she is. Hopefully she'll be fit to go tomorrow.
We only got 3 eggs today from all our ladies. Suppose it was so cold they were clenched, lol

Photobucket Mini Photobucket Newton Photobucket Mini

Photobucket Mini & Newton Photobucket Rita

PS We're getting Newton a wife or two this week. Can hardly wait. I'm so excited. Hoping to get a Lavender Pekin hen and possibly another too, see what catches our eyes, lol

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