Thursday, 19 February 2009

Went to Bearts yesterday

....and OMG we spent £79 and we have to go there fortnightly. Fair enough one trip is always dearer than the other but phew.....That was on food stuffs, straw, cat litter and some Jeyes Fluid & medical bits and bobs we needed for the animal first aid kid. I also got 2 of the smallest (cheapest £1.75 each) haynets to hang the cabbages in for the hens who go wild for them.
Then on the way back we stopped at a roadside stall and picked up some huge cabbages for the hens and guinea pigs for 50p each which is an absolute bargain at the moment.

(This wasn't including Dollys food, bedding or livery)

All this was after my MRI so my head was pounding. I had pins and needles from my neck up to the top of my head.
We parked the kids up and left them in the minibus with a view of the Stowbridge level crossing. They were thrilled to see 2 trains so it gave us time to shop.

A lady from Weston Hills called Jane donated us 2 chicken feeders and a drinker and big stainless steel bowl which are very much appreciated. Thanks Jane.




Eddie 2-Sox said...

Do you sell the eggs? As I'm through Sutton Bridge most days I'd be a customer!

The mad chook woman said...

Yes we do sell the eggs whenever we can (We don't have a stall at the garden gate or anything but a few neighbours pop round for them from us)and the money goes towards the hen food.
We ask for 10p an egg. How many can you use? It would be great to gain you as a customer as it helps the hens and also stops people buying "shop eggs".
Our number is on the blog. 0845 017 9422. I *think* 0845 numbers are now free from BT but I cannot guarantee it. If not, I can call you back if you leave a message.