Tuesday, 10 February 2009

NEW Sutton Bridge hen collection point

Thankyou to our dear neighbours for such tolerance on Sunday & Monday especially. We thought our dogs would be quieter than they were. This is why we have set up maps pointing to the NEW collection point so we don't bother you on future rescue weekends.

Our neighbours have been very tolerant this weekend as people have come to collect the hens we brought back from Little Hen Rescue and as we may possibly be helping out with Hen Rehomers-UK as well, we don't wish to put any more stress and noise on our neighbours than we already do. Visitors make our dogs go bonkers and they won't shut up until people leave and I hate to feel that I'm rushing people who may want to ask a few questions or have claws or wings clipped.

SO, to save upsetting anyone, any future collections of hens will be from HERE It's just off the A17 main road and very easy to find.
As well as the placemark on the map, there are written instructions too and if you click on the symbol you can put your own postcode in and get directions to there.
I hope this helps anyone collecting hens but you will have to be fairly prompt at your agreed collection time (or call us) as it is just a side road with no facilities. We only chose it as the meeting point as the swing bridge is such a prominent landmark to all from either direction.

Hope to see you soon
(The Mad Chook woman)



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