Monday, 9 February 2009

GREEN VEG WANTED, also a pallet

This isn't a huge ask but is for all our local supporters who wouldn't mind helping the animals.
The guinea pigs need extra vitamin c from green cabbages as they cannot munch on the lawn or any garden leaves. The Giant African Land Snails are eating lettuce and cucumber like it's going out of fashion and I was also told yesterday that chickens absolutely love a cabbage hung up for them to peck at. We have never tried it. Ours just get sweetcorn as a treat but one chap told me to hang cabbages up in pony haynets and it apparently keeps them busy and happy.
Well we're all for enhancing their living conditions as with this snow, they're none too pleased and have taken up camp undercover where the ground is dry.

If anyone local has a pallet they are disposing of, could they please let us know too so the hens have a raised area to stand on.
The bantams are using upturned empty wire hanging baskets to stand on and keep their tootsies out of the snow (as they have feathered feet and don't like them wet) but the ex battery hens have nothing except the straw bale which is under cover anyway.



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