Wednesday, 4 February 2009

BIG HEN Rescue this weekend

I reckon Jo should change the name to BIG Hen rescue instead of Little Hen rescue as she is hoping to rescue 4000 hens so they're ALL needing homes because it's terrible to leave any behind for slaughter. Please email if you have space for any.
We are happy to transport any from Norwich to Sutton Bridge in Lincs for easier collection.
Jo requests a donation of £1.50 per hen (personally If I were her I'd charge £2 as I do when we do our own rescues as it all helps to cover costs and go towards to dog/fox proof fencing fund so any extra REALLY does make a difference)

Mollie the Lab has settled in well and spent Sunday afternoon with Boo at the beach at nearby Hunstanton. The tide was out so plenty of space for a game of ball and a run around.


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