Friday, 20 February 2009


I'm not very happy as one of our "dear" neighbours has complained to the council dog warden about excessive noise from our dogs which I can only assume was during the hen rescue weekend which we felt uneasy about anyway as the dogs did play up so we took free eggs round to them.....and no one said anything. (We'd already made arrangements for the next hen collection so it's not from our house and here instead> )
I can't stand people who haven't got the balls to just say"the dogs are a bit loud", I don't bloomin' bite! I'd have apologised and turned the music up indoors to mask the fact that we had visitors and to stop the woofing.
I'd respect my neighbours much more if they had an adult conversation with us. Last time Mr Next Door started shouting over the fence which I thought was unnecessary and asked then if he EVER had a problem again to come to the door rather than scaring the kids by ranting. Why can't people do that rather than sneaking off like little snitches telling tales. They ought to grow up!

The dogs are only warning us that someone is around who shouldn't be. The neighbours will be upset if they get burgled and we've kept the dogs quiet. GRRRR. Hope it happens to them now!
The "complainant" will be monitoring the dogs for 10 weeks themselves before the council will get involved and as far as I'm aware, as long as the dogs aren't barking continuously or throughout the night then there's not a problem. It's our next door neighbours Jack Russells that yap all night and upset ours. I think theirs live outside, either that or they are out until very late at night.
Roll on the neighbour exaggerating and getting a noise monitor in that will pick up the REAL culprits.
I REALLY wish we had no neighbours at all, even if I had to live in a caravan in a field.
I think The Fair Isle looks nice. Would love to flit there.
Feeling pissed off today now.




Stiggy said...

Good luck with your neighbours!

I don't like people who do things behind others backs either - especially things like the council thing.

The council noise thing probably wont prove much anyway - it happened to me once and I wasn't even in my flat it was the neighbours upstairs from me!

They obviously aren't very brave or sure people if they can't say something to your face.

Anyway - good luck, and don't worry!


The mad chook woman said...

Cheers Stiggy, I appreciate it. It's more annoying than anything. I'll wait until he next wants eggs and put a rotten one in the box, lol.