Friday, 13 February 2009

Joan has joined Rita overnight

Fingers crossed this will work out. I put Anti-pek spray on both girls today and they freeranged the garden with the others. A few had a pick on Rita until they got a mouthfiul of vile tasting feathers. No one bothered Joan at all.
I put them both in together at nightfall so am hoping it'll work out and they'll become friends.
Mollie (The Labrador) was out on the garden today, she ignores Rita & Joan who are both used to her from being on the house but when the others flapped she got a bit excitable and chased although caused no harm nor intended to. She just needs a little more supervised time with them.
One of the hens laid an egg underneath the 13ft trampoline and I had a right job getting it out. No idea who laid it, it was 1 of my big fat ladies stood near as it was steaming but I'd have thought they knew exactly where to lay....very strange.
Mark did a mass muck out so plenty of muck for the composters of West Norfolk.



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