Monday, 9 February 2009

Eggs, chickens, veggies etc...

It seems we're getting overwhelmed with eggs again especially as we've got the lodgers staying over awaiting collection and are currently upto 47 eggs this month already. Maybe over all we will have less this month as it's a shorter month but it is looking promising so far.

I had to share the cartoon below. It made me smile but also makes a point! If you MUST eat meat, please buy free range so hens aren't in those massive sheds suffering for the sake of you having a slightly cheaper chicken for your tea.

I hate any animal having to live an unnatural life. Having seen our rescued hens instantly knowing how to scratch the soil and eat worms and dust bathe in the garden, it made me realise that it is natural instinct so the fact that they are in these intensive rearing/laying sheds must be truly horrific for them. Obviously the battery cages are worse still.

It makes me wonder why the chicken which is seen as important in many peoples diets is not allowed to grow and thrive in a manner that would promote good health in the bird and therefore a healthier food?

Please buy free range or go veggie! I have been a vegetarian for 12 years. There are so many choices of yummy food nowadays than when I first became a vegetarian even though I had dabbled in not eating meat throughout my teenage years, it was only when expecting my second child that I gave up eating meat all together and he was my biggest baby ;-)
I am borderline vegan. I don't drink milk or eat eggs etc....BUT Quorn still use eggs in their products as a stiffener and until they find an alternative I can only be a vegetarian. I would like to go Vegan eventually though.




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