Sunday, 28 December 2008

Only 5 eggs?

Our ladies must've heard us threatening to use corks to prevent so many eggs, lol as we only had 5 from them today.

Mark bagged up all the manure for the allotment man who will hopefully be coming sometime in the week....we'll no doubt have trebled the amount we have by then.

While Mark was bagging up the straw etc...., we let the hens and ducks freerange the garden.....for some of them it was their first time, they really enjoyed it. It was funny afterwards though, trying to count them all back into the pen. Three of us were getting a different number everytime we counted them! A couple of tins of sweetcorn soon solved it as it got them all in one place for their treat! They then had warm oats for their last scoff before bed time.

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