Thursday, 18 December 2008

10 hens rehomed last night

The last 10 of the lovely speckled ladies went off to a new home in Holbeach Clough last night to someone who we once took in a rabbit and guinea pigs from. They were all stunning birds, I was sad to see them go but we couldn't keep that many. They had come from the 2nd batch and were 10 of 12.
We kept Nora and Gladys who are beautiful. (Nora has an old injury of 2 broken toes)

We tried Lizzy and Newton out in the pen today....Lizzy HATES other hens and cried constantly then went in the playhouse and stood with her head hung low looking depressed so I scooped her up and brought her back in and saw my happy little Lizzy once more, bless her.

We put some brushwood screening around the pen today as a bit of a windbreak and also to make it a bit higher to keep predators out.

This weekend we are helping Jo at LHR and are bringing hens back for Eirlys and her friend and also fetching Mini's hens, Nelly and Petal.

Might not be back online to update until after the weekend.

Me with Newton on the left and Lizzy on the right (my parrot hen)


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