Saturday, 27 December 2008

13 eggs today!

Wow these hens keep on laying.........13 eggs yesterday, and 13 today although I did break one as I put it in my coat pocket to bring in. (If only my daughter had been here with her little egg basket)
I deliberately put it in my right pocket as I know I often shove the door shut with my left side and didn't want to break it!........totally forgot I'd put my knife in my pocket and as I dropped the egg in, it cracked on the knife.
The chooks were happy though as I gave it them to eat (and they devour everything including the shell)
Oh well....we're not exactly running out of eggs! Mark just took 18 to our next door neighbours!

I did a big muck out today (after my hot bath and some diazepam eased my muscles) I cleaned the original hen house, playhouse and duck house AND the straw on the floor of the pen. The hens then had great pleasure finding worms and then scratting through the new straw and rearranging it. They then had some warm rolled oats with layers meal mixed in, laid 4 more eggs and put themselves to bed.

I also topped up the straw bedding in with the rabbits as there was a sharp frost this morning. At least they don't eat straw like the do with hay.
I put some straw in Rita's box in her dog crate in the lounge and my 5 year old mischievous son put a rubber egg on the top of it and actually tricked me.

The guinea pigs are nice and warm in their room.

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