Thursday, 11 December 2008

LIZZY the hen

We brought Lizzy back from Little Hen Rescue on the 30th Nov, she didn't eat or drink and was very frail. We thought she may last a few days and aimed to give her warmth and love for her last days......I gave her glucose water from a baby powdered milk scoop, I tapped her food bowl to encourage eating, we spoon fed her porridge.

Lizzy perked up.....her eyes started to twinkle, she's in a dog crate in the warmth of the house and comes out to freerange the lounge during the day.

She got more energetic and started jumping on the settee, she laid one egg 2 days ago and another yesterday but I swear she thinks she is human rather than a chicken.
She leapt on the settee last night then started walking across the back of it and onto the desk, bulldozing everything in her way including the keyboard, then as I was using the computer mouse, she carefully walked up my arm and onto my shoulder (like a bloomin' parrot)
I couldn't shift her, the kids went to bed, Hubby had gone to do a late night shop. She sat up on me watching TV and then settled down on the back of my neck whilst I was leaning over the desk with neck ache.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

You can see she's an odd shaped hen, seems to have no neck and we thought she had a tumour on her chest but have now come to the conclusion that she has a deformed neck which has been compressed at some point.
She seems happy enough and is a little sweety.
Not sure when she will join the flock....but I dread her doing so as she's such a lovely companion to me.

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