Thursday, 26 March 2009

My apologies / Pekin chicks

I've not been updating anything for a while as I've felt crap (to put it bluntly) With my health being quite unpredictable, sometimes I can corpse for ages and then the longer I'm off the computer, the longer it takes me to get motivated as I know I'll have hundreds of emails to face.
For a while, well since the last hen rescue....all I've done is deal with chooks with my dear other half's help. I've been on a real downer after seeing Doctor Doom.

We put 9 Pekin eggs in the incubator on the 7th March of which 8 hatched yesterday (and one was a late death) The children are thrilled, especially Mini whom they belong to. The chicks have now been moved under the heat lamp and another 9 eggs have gone in the incubator today which will hatch a couple of days after if anyone is interested in any, get in touch. There will be a price for these (£10 each) as they are my 7 year old daughter's chicks so any money is going in her bank. We cannot sex them yet as have previously not had experience sexing chicks. Click pics to enlarge them.

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Mini, (aged 7) who the Pekins all belong to.
Mini is our daughter that comes to the rehoming days at Norwich LHR and everyone thinks she's a little boy as she's a tomboy, happiest when upto her knees in muck and sitting with her chooks. She DOES get quite annoyed when people call her "young man" or "mate" though. Bless her.

Here are the Chicks' Daddy and Mummies

Newton Amber Fenella

Please see our extra web pages, devoted to hens
We have also advertised the poultry housing sold by Power Poultry as to us, it looks very good at a reasonable price.

The next Little Hen Rescue is Easter weekend so please give me or Jo a ring if you are wanting any ex battery hens from that rescue.

Hopefully now I've got online, I will now be motivated to be on a bit each day ....unless I get wiped out again.

Hubby has been redoing the garden so the rabbits we have left (no, we don't want any more as I'm allergic to them) have somewhere to run. He's built up the fencing for their safety.

Back soon x



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