Monday, 2 March 2009

5th Pekin egg and 5 ex battery eggs

Our hens are doing well. If you look at the right hand column you'll see our monthly totals so far this year.
One of the Pekins laid their 5th egg today. I do hope one will brood them as I'd love some chicks and so would the children.
We had 5 eggs from the ex battery ladies today too.
Mollie the trampolining labrador has completely demolished the swimming pool now from when she skated on it while frozen and the ice split the top inflated ring. I've decided that we're NOT getting yet another pool so that part of the garden will be cordoned off for the guinea pigs & rabbits.
The children will enjoy sitting with the animals in there and helping to tame any newbies that are skittish. Also it will be an extra space for emergency chooks to keep them confined.
Come next winter time the guinea pigs can come back in the outbuilding.

Mollie got her support tabard today which can carry her water, poop bag, tennis balls, treats, first aid kit (for her), my mobile, inhalers...whatever... and we can go off for the day with her as my support dog and I'll be on my scooter. I can't wait. She is so good.



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