Tuesday, 16 June 2009


It's great news that we are fully booked for the rescues this weekend and also that we rehomed 10 birds from here tonight who were "spare" last time but bald and had big red bare bums so I wanted to keep my eye on them. They are all eating well and looking better so they have gone to a new home in the village tonight.
We've had lots of interest and our new website url is so much easier to remember www.lincslittlehens.co.uk and it fits with my email address too which is lincslittlehens@aol.com. We've had some vinyls made up for the vehicles to advertise and have got flyers for photocopying when the man gets around to doing it! The website url was organised for us by Jill who we are really grateful to.
We will start taking bookings for the next rescue come next week and the bedlam of the weekend is over.
Lexi is my new best mate. I've always tried to remain detached even though she was here from Jill for TLC. Lexi was chirping at me earlier and trying her best to get on my knee so I lifted her on, she then copied me typing the emails and managed to delete a message to Jill. Mark thought it was hilarious as she was tapping away. I had to email Jill and ask if she can stay here in exchange for two more.
I love Lexi to bits and would be gutted if she went home even though that was always the intention.



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