Monday, 18 May 2009

Today I've found out the chicks except 1 are cockerels so they'll be off to Little Hen Rescue at the weekend :-(

Sat morn we're offloading kids at Nanny & Grandads then picking the trailer up at 7pm and heading to Norwich to bring back 300+ hens and then take the trailer back to Holbeach ish at night.......only to pick it up again in the morning and take Jo's crates back and bring back just over 100 hens for Heacham and Wisbech.

Monday I am trying to confirm hens and rehomers. Yes it's short notice but I wasn't originally doing all 3 days but the people want the hens and we want to save the hens so what can we do? Jo will help us with our fuel bill which will be a godsend and we always get some good donations for her.
Mark is currently off homechecking at Heacham and dropping off Defra paperwork for a lady wanting 100 hens. Think he'll also take the little ones to Hunstanton to give me a break to do chook emails which is great as I had a headache earlier so once I took my pills I was groggy (can't win)



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