Saturday, 16 May 2009

So so busy

Sorry we're not updating the blog often at the moment. Truth is we are so busy sorting dates/trailers/hen crates etc for upcoming rescues we haven't time for yapping about it.
Every time I log on, my inbox is full and as I read and reply, new emails keep on clicking in so it's never ending.

That coupled with a rabbit who had babies- thanks to the kids who let a boy rabbit out to play with a girl one (luckily only 3 babies, 2 blk, 1 white). They're fully furred but eyes not opened yet. The cage they were in wasn't suitable as it was a double decker and a couple of times the babies had ended up at the bottom of the they are now in a bunny palace which was donated by Chris Beal and they are safely in a "downstairs bedroom"

Mark is building another hen house, well it's a garden store actually but perfect for the chooks. We really need less in our green hen house as they all huddle and obviously it'll be dangerously hot as the summer arrives. We did try to persuade a few to use the playhouse but they weren't keen as the white Amber Links are bossy and the ducks were in there too. The ducks have now moved into a kennel.
Now the ducks are in their newer accommodation and the new is almost sorted (just the roof to go on) they will be able to choose where they sleep and spread themselves out a bit.

We've then got to get the Pekin chicks sexed as any cockerels are off to Little Hen rescue possibly next week......any hens can stay (possibly) and Flipper-Midas.

Then we need to sort more housing as the tiny chicks will start growing soon and need more room............and we are now collecting eggs daily so we don't have another baby boom. That's it for this year unless anyone gives me some fertile Aylesbury duck eggs ;-) as Eyup and Roland need wives to stop them chasing the chooks.



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