Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Urgent appeal for your help.

If you can spare even just a couple of pounds, please donate it to the animals/snails and hens at RoSAH Rescue or put a note on it that it's for our poultry crate appeal! Every penny (except Paypal fees) goes directly to the animals in our care. Please use the button on the right of this blog if you intend to use PayPal.

We are
REALLY desperate at the moment as with the extra cold weather we are using much more bedding and the animals eat more in the cold too to keep themselves warm plus they don't munch on the lawn like in the summertime.

Alternatively (which we prefer) is that you could donate food/bedding directly to us. We
ALWAYS appreciate it. We are based on the border of South Lincolnshire, West Norfolk and North Cambs and will collect across these areas. ) Kings Lynn, Spalding, Wisbech and anywhere in between)

Veggies & fruit, bales of straw and hay, cat food (tinned & dry) guinea pig dry food, rabbit dry food, shredded paper (not newspaper or glossy mags) cat litter etc..... All of these items would help so much as we need to buy them at great expense on a regular basis with no regular funding.

We are also in need of a regular supplier of fruit or veg....either a farmer or local shop. We're always happy to take the offcut leaves from cabbages/caulis/sprouts etc....(so long as they haven't turned yellow)

Please call us on
0845 017 9422 during the daytime and please leave a message (& your approx location) if our answering machine is on. We will call you back.

Thankyou so much to Erica for your kind help and donations. You're a true friend.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this. We appreciate your time.

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