Saturday, 1 November 2008

New permanent resident!

Do not ask us if you can rehome him!

He will be here permanently as he was gifted to us through a young couple on Freecycle and we promised him a good home for life.

He talks, kisses and is a snuggler- apparently these are the clowns of the parrot world but we're yet to see any naughtiness. he shouts "Silly Billy".
If you type Black Headed Caique (it's actually pronounced kyeek) into search on Youtube, you'll see some really naughty ones so we're kind of prepared what to expect once he feels at home here. He's got lots of toys though and I'm planning a fancy home made one by an idea given to me by a toy on Youtube that one Caique had which hung from the ceiling with dangly bits.
He's lovely isn't he?
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Billy The Caique

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