Thursday, 13 August 2009

Not been updating much

Sorry I haven't updated on here. I'm having a few of days, you know, down in the dumps days.
I've been sat outside with the chookies today and managed to get pooped on by Lexi ;-) Is it meant to be good luck?
I'm hoping to get a Cochin hen at last asap, will keep you posted. Obviously she will be my pet and live with our other "posh birds" Will keep you posted. I may cheer up then.

I've kept 2 guinea pigs (adults) back to stay as pets and they are named Emma and Shauna. I have ALWAYS had a soft spot for rexes. In fact all my recent pet guinea pigs have been Rexes

One, think it's a boy *may* have to stay as it is very flighty but that is not uncommon with guinea pigs that have the satin gene which it has, they are also at risk of osteodystrophy so we try not to home them if possible as it is a horrific disease which shortens their lives and if rehomed to someone without knowledge of it, the guinea pig could suffer.

They are also very difficult compared to non satins. For instance, I have ALWAYS managed to pair up same sex cavies with no problems, both males and females. Well the females often live in bigger family groups with any babies that arrive with them, but Satin ones can be particularly unsociable and not get on with any other so I must contact my friend to find out if that was why he was in the box on his own- maybe he was disagreeable whilst with her. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if this was the case.


Lincs Little Hens are laying...



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