Saturday, 4 April 2009 far

We're (so far) bringing back 71 ex battery hens + 1 cockerel for new homes in Lincolnshire & Cambridgeshire so we'll have a full van load. I'm going over in the car on Fri then sleeping over with the chooks and Mark will come along on saturday for the half day and to collect the hens.

The Pekins are growing gradually, the Lavenders are the biggest. Their wing feathers are huge and they keep flitting about now so we've moved them from the indoor guinea pig cage and into the dog crate with Correx panels around the sides so they can't get out and the dogs paws can't get in to play with them. Little Flipper is fine and there's no sign of the splayed legs that "it" hatched with.

Sadly we unexpectedly lost 2 of our ex batt ladies recently. At least they had a lovely happy life whilst here.



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Stiggy said...

Well done with your continuing efforts to save and rehome ex-batts!

It's a shame about the two that died, but you're right - they would have died happy and free.